Recently, a 22-year-old man was caught masturbating in a women’s restroom while staring at a 14-year-old girl through the cracks of a bathroom stall. Worse yet, Washington state law allowed it to happen. From the Whidbey News Times:

“On Feb. 10, an employee at Walmart reported that a witness saw a man standing on a toilet in a stall in the women’s room. The employee said she looked into the stall and saw that the man was masturbating while peeking into the occupied stall next to him, according to the police report. Kelley was allegedly looking at a 14-year-old girl, the police report indicates.”

The man claimed to be in the bathroom due to his gender identity, and according to Washington state law, this man was well within his rights.

The unfortunate reality is that due to the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (or “SOGI”) laws in Washington state, the safety and privacy of this 14-year-old girl was compromised. In fact, in this instance, employees could not intervene until after the crime was committed.

Policies like these are cropping up all over the country, and similar legislation is up for consideration in Ohio. One such bill, HB 160, would require businesses, schools, ministries, and even churches to allow biological men into women’s locker rooms, restrooms, and changing areas.

This threatens the privacy and safety rights of women and children. We must not allow policies such as HB 160 to leave our women and children vulnerable to such attacks. Join us to ensure that the Constitutional freedoms of all Ohioans, including the most vulnerable, are protected and defended!


Jeremiah D. Martin
First Freedom Ohio
Executive Director


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