What’s on the line in November… and what you can do about it

The news of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement brings into focus the importance of elections. When Justice Neil Gorsuch was nominated to the Supreme Court last year, Senator Sherrod Brown immediately announced his opposition. Now, Brown has stated he is “very troubled by the actions of the Supreme Court in just the last few weeks,” despite the recent wins for free speech and religious liberty.

But Ohio’s U.S. Senate seat isn’t the only issue on the line. You may have seen the headlines, that Rich Cordray, candidate for Ohio Governor, has been caught on camera TWICE comparing some Ohioans to Nazis and Nazi sympathizers.


These kind of outrageous attacks have no place in Ohio politics, especially for someone who wants to be the governor of a state with millions of Christians and thousands of churches.

Elections matter, and we must educate Ohioans on what is at stake this election cycle. Join us as we stand for life, family, and freedom!

First Freedom Ohio is recruiting “Freedom Fighters” throughout Ohio to join us as we organize for the 2018 elections. Click here to become a Freedom Fighter and help ensure America gets a new U.S. Supreme Court justice that supports the Constitution and right to life, and a governor who won’t attack people of faith and conservatives.

Jeremiah D. Martin
First Freedom Ohio
Executive Director

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