Ohio Conservatives Back Troy Balderson for Congress
Ohio leaders rally together to call on conservatives to get out to vote for Troy Balderson on August  7

COLUMBUS – Conservatives from across Ohio are urging voters in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District to get out and vote for Troy Balderson on August 7th.

Troy Balderson has a proven pro-life, conservative record, and has pledged to support President Trump’s agenda to continue rebuilding the American economy. Meanwhile Danny O’Connor has made it clear he stands with Nancy Pelosi and her agenda to repeal the middle-class tax cuts that have helped countless families across the 12th District.

Ohio conservatives leading the call to vote for Troy are:

Ken Blackwell
Former Secretary of State of Ohio

Representative Andrew Brenner
Ohio House, 67th District

Jeremiah D. Martin
Executive Director, First Freedom Ohio

Eileen Watts
Ohio United for America

John McAvoy
NW Ohio Conservative Coalition

Aaron Baer
President, First Freedom Ohio

Nelson Hack
Morrow County Tea Party

Beth Vanderkooi
Central Ohio Pro-Life Leader

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention

Meta Hahn
Westervile Tea Party

Conservatives have a duty to rally together and get out to vote for Troy Balderson in the August 7th Special Election.

For more information, contact Jeremiah Martin, info@firstfreedomohio.org.

First Freedom Ohio is the Grassroots Action Partner of Citizens for Community Values. FFO advocates for the constitutional freedoms of all Ohioans to live, work, and worship. For more information visit FirstFreedomOhio.org