This is unbelievable.

Yesterday, Federal District Court Judge Timothy Black blocked an Ohio law that prohibits aborting children merely because they have been diagnosed with Down syndrome.

The media is reporting on this story widely:

Cincinnati Enquirer
Toledo Blade
The Hill

Yet not one of these stories mentions the fact that Judge Timothy Black is the
former Director and President of Planned Parenthood Cincinnati.

Here’s a section from his biography submitted to the US Senate:

Judge Black is making a mockery of our courts – it is outrageous that this pro-abortion activist is allowed to rule on this case.

This case is a reminder that ELECTIONS MATTER. We cannot have abortion activists on the federal bench like this.

In a matter of months, Ohio will be choosing a new U.S. Senator – and we must elect a Senator that WILL NOT approve of this kind of unethical judge.

Just like in 2016, the COURTS ARE ON THE BALLOT AGAIN – including the US Supreme Court!

Help First Freedom Ohio ensure America gets the judges we deserve by making a donation to our election efforts! We will be educating Ohioans and turning out the vote in 2018 – and your support is essential.

We can’t do this alone – we need your help! Your donation today will go a long way to help us elect a US Senator who will only pick judges who uphold the Constitution, not push pro-abortion propaganda.

Defending our freedom,

Aaron Baer
First Freedom Ohio

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