Your Ohio Republican Primary voter guide is here! Click here to view on iVoterGuide!

Did you know only 1 out of 8 registered voters will participate in the Republican primary? Low voter turnout means your vote carries even more weight.

Ohio has some intensely important races in the 2018 midterm election primaries. iVoterGuide has an in-depth review process for candidates that includes donations to and from candidates, endorsements, voting record, and candidate survey.

Some races to watch:

1. Ohio Governor Race:

2. The U.S. Congressional race in District 12 is an open seat with ten Republican candidates! You can use the compare feature on the voter guide to ensure you’re voting for the candidate that will truly reflect your values:

3. District 16 is also an open seat with three Republican candidates:

4. In addition to the governor’s race and seven congressional races, iVoterGuide has information on Ohio Treasurer, the U.S. Senate seat, five state senate races, and 21 state representative races. Make sure you check out the specific voter guide for your address!

Early voting is underway!
Election Day is Tuesday, May 8.

Be sure to educate yourself, vote wisely, and share your knowledge with your friends and family!

For freedom,

Jeremiah D. Martin
First Freedom Ohio
Executive Director

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