Aborting children because of their disability is inhumane. It’s a tragedy that some in our country devalue a child’s life simply because the child has a developmental disability.

That’s why Citizens for Community Values sent a letter to Ohio Governor John Kasich, urging him to sign House Bill 214, the “Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act.” The bill was introduced by Representatives Derek Merrin (R-Waterville) and Sarah Latourette (R-Chesterville).

Today, Governor Kasich signed the bill! CCV thanked the governor for protecting the lives of these innocent children, and encourage him to join the organization in advocating for the protection of all unborn life by supporting other pro-life laws like the Heartbeat Bill.

About the Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act

Recently, this issue came front-and-center, as Iceland reported that they had virtually eradicated Down Syndrome in their country. Upon further review, it was discovered that they hadn’t eradicated the disease at all—their doctors had simply aborted any child who potentially had the disease—without even a full diagnosis. Needless to say people were appalled. This discovery led to bills like House Bill 214 throughout the United States.

The law will “prohibit a person from performing, inducing, or attempting to perform or induce an abortion on a pregnant woman who is seeking the abortion because an unborn child has or may have Down Syndrome.” During committee hearings, extensive testimony was given to explain that people with Down Syndrome can live happy, productive lives. Many people testified about their personal experiences with raising a child with Down Syndrome. These are precious people, born in the image of God, who deserve the same chance at life as everyone else. The bill would punish a doctor who performs an abortion, knowing that it is motivated by the potential that the child may have Down Syndrome. The mother is not liable in any way under this bill.

Our Testimony

Citizens for Community Values echoed all the arguments above, but focused their testimony on an element somewhat overlooked during the legislative process: that the legality of the abortions in question are contingent on the health of the child, not the mother. Pro-choice advocates, and Roe v. Wade itself, justify abortion by saying it is a medical procedure that protects women’s health and is necessary to advance women’s autonomy in controlling their own healthcare. That argument is irrelevant in this debate because the mother’s health is not an issue here.